The day’s work

Hands up who else has ever felt a sense of dread or panic, when faced with the age old question, ‘what do you do?‘ Those four bland words usually uttered pretty early on in an attempt to get to know somebody. The question almost always equates to a description of what we do for work; how we earn our money. I feel lucky to be able to say these days that I’m in a job that I quite enjoy, however it hasn’t always been this way. I have also experienced the shudder run down my unemployed spine when faced with this question.

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What is Recovery?

The standard definition of the word recovery is ‘a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.’ Recovery is typically associated with being cured, or becoming symptom free.

Whilst recovery in this sense may be achieved more easily in some areas of our health, when it comes to our mental health, being ‘symptom free’ is often an unrealistic standard for many. Continue reading “What is Recovery?”