Below are some resources that have been helpful to me. I do not endorse them, but share them in case they may be supportive to you. I aim to update this page regularly so feel free to check back again soon or send me your favourite resources if you would like them to be added to this page.

Informative websites and communities:

Mental Health Foundation; general information and research

The Blurt Foundation; a community for those living depression

Action for Happiness; tips for a happier world

Mindful living website and articles

Scottish Recovery Network website

Elefriends; a peer support community

Nature and Therapy; healing through nature

Guided practices and therapeutic worksheets:

Get Self Help; free online self help worksheets

Psychology Tools; more free online self help worksheets

Free Mindfulness guided practices

Self Compassion exercises and guided meditations

Guided Mindfulness exercises and worksheets


Breathe Easy; to help calm the breath

Headspace; learn how to meditate

Articles and research:

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Mark Leary discusses the impact of being kinder to ourselves

Psychologist Robin Grille talks empathy and healing

The wisdom in dark emotions by psychotherapist Miriam Greenspan

What works in enhancing social and emotional skills development during childhood and adolescence report

The Rediscovery of Recovery by Roberts & Wolfson

Our turbulent minds; everybody’s crazy but nobody’s ill by Professor Peter Kinderman

Self care:

Yoga with Adriene; free yoga videos

Parkrun; free weekly 5km runs