About Me

I am Nicola, a Wellbeing & Mindfulness Practitioner. I am passionate about creating a meaningful life and empowering others to do the same.

I have experienced depression, anxiety and low self esteem throughout my life. I have come to understand that this isn’t because I am weak or faulty but is a result of me caring a lot about the things that matter to me. I recognise that these, at times debilitating experiences have given my life a depth that has enabled me to grow courage, compassion and resilience.

My life and work are guided by the principles of Recovery , Compassion and Mindfulness.

I believe that by taking responsibility and ownership over our lives, identifying how and when to ask for support and nurturing a sense of connection to our purpose in spite of our challenges, can help us to create rich and meaningful lives.

Over the past 10 years I gained experience working in a variety of settings including; education and academia, the charity sector, conservation organisations and forensic services. I spent 4 years living and working in remote communities first in Tanzania and then on a small island on the West coast of Scotland.

During this time I have trained and embedded Mindfulness and Recovery techniques into my practice providing one to one and group wellbeing and crisis support to many. I have also delivered training on topics including; mindfulness, anger and anxiety management and workplace wellbeing.

It has taken many years and a great deal of effort to find ways to build resilience, open my heart and celebrate life and I am grateful to be able to support others in their own journeys too.

The day’s work is a platform to celebrate the journey and process of creating a meaningful life. It aims to inspire, empower and support others on their own journeys, and advocate for rich and meaningful living beyond our roles and labels.